UCA Launch Press Release 2-28-2017

Real estate investment firm launches in Charleston geared towards individual investors

Charleston, SC (February 28th 2017) – Individual investors searching for diversification and higher yields often look to invest in real estate. However, the barriers to entry into the investment real estate market can present significant challenges. Investor’s limited resources, lack of expertise and competition from large institutional investors can limit the size, scope and profitability of opportunities. A new real estate investment firm has set out to eliminate those barriers. Urban Core Advisors LLC has launched in Charleston with the mission of providing clients access to a sophisticated real estate investment platform that helps them build wealth and financial independence.

Gary White, the company’s President and Chief Investment Strategist explains, “A real estate syndication is an effective way for individual investors to combine their financial and intellectual resources to invest in properties or projects much larger than they could manage or afford on their own.” Real estate syndications have been around for many years but almost exclusively operated at the institutional investor level. “We have adapted the traditional syndication model to provide a similar platform at the individual investor level.” White stated. The company’s process provides accredited investors access to fully vetted turnkey real estate investment opportunities. The firm’s investment team identifies, analyzes, acquires and manages the real estate investments. The company has further refined the traditional syndication model by allowing accredited investors from across the country access to its investment opportunities via their crowdfunding web platform. For example, if an investor in Los Angeles has an interest in investing in real estate in Charleston but does not have the time or ability to find the right investment, they can go to Urban Core Advisors website ( and be provided access to prescreened investment opportunities.

Urban Core Advisors’ goal is to give investors the ability to take advantage of the growing Charleston economy by investing in real estate alongside its investment team. White noted that as a native Charlestonian, he has watched Charleston go through several growth cycles. “The exponential economic growth that we are currently experiencing represents the most significant economic growth cycle the area has experienced in my lifetime.” White said. “In the world of economic development, most communities hope to be able to hit a ‘home run’ like Boeing once every 25 years. Charleston has hit 3 ‘home-runs’ in the last 6 years with Boeing, Daimler and Volvo. We have only scratched the surface of the collective economic impact these companies will have on our community.”

For a long time, tourism has been the goose that laid the golden egg for Charleston, but now the local economy is much more diverse. The region now boasts a very robust manufacturing industry, a thriving knowledge based economy, a world class tourism industry and a rapidly growing Port that soon will have the deepest harbor on the East Coast. White stated, “This collection of economic engines gives the Charleston region one of the most sustainable platforms for growth of anywhere in the Southeast. When you then add to that the tremendous impact from the small businesses that support the functions of all these industries, I believe we are entering one of the most prosperous times the Charleston region has seen in 100 years.”

Simultaneously with the launch of Urban Core Advisors, the team launched Urban Core Realty. Urban Core Realty is a vertically integrated real estate brokerage, leasing and property management company that manages the portfolio of assets under management as well as executes third party transactions.

The company has already experienced significant early stage success. White noted that the company has achieved its first quarter goals for the year in the first 30 days of operations. The company completed its first capital raise and is scheduled to close out its first syndication by the end of April. When asked about their success White stated, “I am very proud of our early success. It points to the fact that not only is there a market for our services, there is tremendous pent up demand.”

For more information please contact Gary White at (843) 364-1876 or email at



Our ProcessStep By Step


Our investment team does ongoing market research and site analysis to determine the best locations geared towards our investment strategy.


We perform site inspections and consult with general contractors and architects to identify property improvement opportunities and cost estimates.


We do extensive property analysis including underwriting property historical cash flow, three tiered income modeling, future cash flow projections and IRR and cash on cash return profitability models.


Our team underwrites the current tenants and reviews all current lease agreements to determine an appropriate credit grade of the property and identify opportunities for improvement.